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The Coldest Night

The Coldest Night

On Friday December 9, 2022, AGAT Foundation was honoured to be the main sponsor of “The Coldest Night”, the first annual event organized by Our Collective Journey and Oxford House Foundation to bring warmth and cheer to Calgary’s most vulnerable during the holiday season.

New AGAT Foundation Funding Initiatives In Quebec And Ontario

The AGAT Foundation provided funds for the purchase of intra-operative ultrasound equipment for The Montreal Children’s Hospital. Ultrasound guidance offers a non-invasive technique to help assess areas for inserting lines to administer anesthesia or perform blood transfusions.

Breast-Conserving Surgery Donation

The AGAT Foundation in partnership with the Rance and Marilyn Fisher Family Foundation have provided a donation of $600,000 to the Rockyview and Peter Lougheed Hospitals to greatly improve breast cancer surgery and treatment in Calgary.

PSMA PET CT Diagnostics Device Donation

Dr. Denise Chan and Dr. Steven Yip receive cheque from the AGAT Foundation for the first PSMA PET CT Diagnostic Device in Calgary and explain why this is necessary and its importance to Albertans.

Cyclotron coming to Calgary

This cyclotron and new radiopharmaceutical facility will be coming to Calgary to improve access to diagnostic tests and treatment for cancer, cardiac and neurological conditions.

AGAT Foundation is proud of our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We believe careful stewardship of the environment and the creation and sharing of social benefits are vital aspects of an effective and credible practice.

AGAT Foundation formation was a natural progression of AGAT Laboratories historical and ongoing participation in charitable endeavors since inception in 1979. Our purpose is to unite people who share a common direction in building, creating and healing through both science and scientific technologies aiding in the betterment of society. We are committed to bridging the gap between industry, communities and different disciplines of science.

Ongoing Community Programs

AGAT Foundation Tour Van


The AGAT Foundation Bus helps students to experience knowledge in the sciences by bringing them from surrounding schools and exposing them to interactive science experiences at some of the AGAT Laboratories facilities. Our student tours are kicked off with a presentation of AGAT’s multidisciplinary scientific divisions and STEM career prospects. Students will meet our leading scientists and technical experts as they delve further into the inner workings of our laboratories and the real-life applications of our wide array of analytical solutions.


The AGAT Foundation is a proud sponsor of the MAN VAN™ Canada’s first and only mobile men’s health clinic. Although currently on hold due to the current pandemic situation; when running, the program offers free prostate specific antigen (PSA) tests to men over 40.


In honor of the ongoing STEM initiative getting students involved in key careers within these fields, the AGAT Foundation organizes and hosts students in educational tours of their laboratory facilities showcasing and introducing them to career paths in the science and technology fields.

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