AGAT Foundation


Sharing a common vision

The AGAT Foundation is the pinnacle of a long-standing commitment in supporting community-based initiatives in funding research and mental health awareness inclusive of science literacy and advocacy work. With the support of AGAT Laboratories, the AGAT Foundation along with its many Friends and Partners, have pledged their support to transformative projects that have made strides in the prevention, screening, diagnosis, and research in the treatment of various cancers. These projects inclusive of the Neighbours Helping Neighbours “Patients Financial Assistance Program”, in partnership with the Alberta Cancer Foundation, are making tangible positive impacts in the lives of thousands of families in Alberta and across Canada. From building a laboratory with Doctors Beyond Borders in the jungles of Guatemala to supporting many community based initiatives supporting the less fortunate, the AGAT Foundation projects serve to respect the dignity of individuals and provide a beacon of hope for many.

Together with the AGAT Foundation and it’s many friends and supporters , you too can review the charity links section on our website , and provide your own direct donation to organizations and initiatives listed , and always  in need of further support.

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