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The AGAT Foundation supports various projects of its own and other charities . Individuals and corporations can work through the AGAT Foundation, a registered charity, or directly with each of the linked charities that the AGAT Foundation supports and endorses.

When you choose to give, you may not realize that donating to charity will do more than just help your favourite cause, giving can also provide you with many personal benefits. Whether you choose to donate to charities supporting people living in poverty, advocating to protect the environment, helping animals in need, or addressing other global or local problems, charities need your help to continue their selfless initiatives.

The Coldest Night 2022

The Coldest Night

On Friday December 9, 2022, AGAT Foundation was honoured to be the main sponsor of “The Coldest Night”, the first annual event organized by Our Collective Journey and Oxford House Foundation to bring warmth and cheer to Calgary’s most vulnerable during the holiday season. AGAT Foundation’s contribution funded the provision of 700 hot meals and care packages to people experiencing homelessness or precarious housing in our city. A winter jacket drive was also organized in the weeks leading up to “The Coldest Night” and enabled the distribution of donated winter jackets during the event.

Little Girl at Hospital talking with doctor

New AGAT Foundation Funding Initiatives in Quebec and Ontario

The AGAT Foundation provided funds for the purchase of intra-operative ultrasound equipment for The Montreal Children’s Hospital. Ultrasound guidance offers a non-invasive technique to help assess areas for inserting lines to administer anesthesia or perform blood transfusions. This equipment is very important in improving paediatric patient care thereby increasing surgery success rates, shortening operating times, and reducing risks of complications.

The Man Van

The Man VanTM

The AGAT Foundation’s partnership with Prostate Cancer Centre Calgary involving various initiatives, most notably the Man Van men’s health mobile clinic, a $100,000 dollar donation by AGAT Labs in August 2020 for post-operative mental support. The Man Van is Canada’s first and only mobile men’s health clinic, offering free PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) blood testing for men aged 40-80 throughout Calgary and rural southern Alberta.

PSMA PET Research

Currently in Canada PSMA PET is not Health Canada approved, it’s only allowed for research through a clinical trial application so it’s only for research and it’s not currently funded by Alberta Health Services for routine clinical use. There are other centers in Canada such as Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver who are able to do PSMA PET CT through their research funding. Patients must travel outside of Alberta in order to access this test at their own expense.

Prostate Cancer Centre November Campaign

The AGAT Foundation teamed up with the Prostate Cancer Centre’s November “Keep it in Alberta” 2021 Campaign.

Together with all of our donors we raised $700,000 towards men’s health in Alberta!  Thank you to everyone who donated to the campaign over the month of November, we couldn’t do what we do without you. 

Shirley thiessen - Dealing
with Grief

It’s not if but when.
Those who love will also grieve.
Grief will strike you and someone you care about.
I get it. I’ve been there. As a grief coach, I want to help.

Breast Cancer: Localization Technology in Breast-Conserving Surgery

The AGAT Foundation in partnership with the Rance and Marilyn Fisher Family Foundation have provided a donation of $600,000 to the Rockyview and Peter Lougheed Hospitals to greatly improve breast cancer surgery and treatment in Calgary.

Opioids & the fentanyl Crises

The AGAT Foundation’s initiative brings together AHS Doctors from the PCC, Chumir Health Centre, City of Calgary Police, and Calgary Schools and Teachers. The team has developed a youth program to encourage scientific literacy with junior high students through tours of our labs and presentations aimed at educating students and parents about the dangers of Opioids and substance abuse.


Artificial Intelligence

The AGAT Foundation has forged a partnership between AGAT Laboratories, Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre (PCC) and the University of Calgary to initiate a program designed to develop Artificial Intelligence in the treatment of bladder and prostate cancers. AGAT laboratories which has formed the initial catalyst to establish this initiative with the goal of raising $12 million to ensure stability for years 1-5 and a long-term goal of raising $25 million to ensure long-term success. 

Little Liam in his back yard

Liam Foundation

The AGAT Foundation’s donation of $10,000 in addition to ongoing contributions from other generous donators will help fund medical treatments, trials and establish genetic research at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. These donations will help both Liam and other families affected by polg disease and other related illnesses by funding research and advancement toward a hopeful cure.

Calgary Firefighters standing in front of fire

Calgary Fire Department

The AGAT Foundation has a current research project that we have underway in collaboration with the Calgary Fire Department where we provide bracelets to the firefighters and then analyze the bracelets in our laboratories. With increased risks of cancer among Canadian firefighters, the fire department wants to identify what types of toxic compounds they are exposed to in their line of work, including under their personal protective equipment.

The Smile Train

The AGAT Foundation continues to support the Smile train by having donated $25,000 which was matched for a total of $50,000, to help fund cleft lip surgeries in developing countries.

Since inception, Smile Train has supported more cleft surgeries than all other global charities combined. Smile Train has always championed partnering directly with local hospitals to strengthen health systems and empower local medical professionals to offer surgical services and comprehensive cleft care to children in their own communities.

Man Checking in at the PCC

Prostate Cancer Centre & Southern Alberta Institute of Urology

The AGAT Foundation supports Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre fight prostate cancer by delivering one-stop support to men and families through rapid access to personalized care, research, and education. We promote overall health and well-being, inspire hope, and reduce the impact of prostate cancer in our community. Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre fights prostate cancer by delivering one-stop support to men and families through rapid access to personalized care, research, and education.


Men's Health &
wellness Centre

Men currently live 3.5 to 4 years less than women. Of the top thirteen causes of death, including all cancers, cardiovascular disease, accidental and non-accidental trauma, men lead women in twelve of these categories. 80% of people who die by suicide in Alberta are men. Men are less likely to recognize, talk about and seek treatment for their mental illness. Up to 10% of men experience paternal postpartum depression.



Tom Baker Sign and Interior

Tom Baker Cancer Centre

The AGAT Foundation is committed to supporting cancer research at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. The Tom Baker is a lead Cancer Centre in southern Alberta for prevention, research and treatment programs and provides many advanced medical services, as well as supportive care for both inpatients and outpatients.

The AGAT Foundation made Donation through the Calgary Health Trust to purchase a bladder scanner for the Tom Baker Cancer Centre.

Personal Sized Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Shell Canada

The AGAT Foundation’s collaboration with Shell to create hand sanitizer to donate to staff, industry members and community.




Doodle Dogs Owners

doodle dogs

Last November at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic animal shelters in Calgary found themselves running out of pet food, clothes and supplies so the AGAT Foundation teamed up with a small group of organizations to help out our furry little friends during this difficult time.

Project Ixcanaan

The Project Ixcanaan Clinic was an initiative taken up by AGAT Labs to build a testing lab in El-Ramate, Guatemala.

With the closest public hospital 15 miles away and residents unable to afford the expensive costs of private healthcare, there is a clear need for a local healthcare center.

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