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AGAT Laboratories is a highly specialized Canadian company providing analytical solutions worldwide. As Canada’s privately-owned laboratory network, AGAT Laboratories is renowned for providing accurate, timely and defensible solutions to complex analytical requests with a constant focus on ensuring “Service Beyond Analysis” to its national and international clients. With 43 locations coast to coast, AGAT Laboratories is comprised of 12 scientific divisions that service a wide spectrum of industries, namely, Environmental Chemistry, Mining Geochemistry, Petroleum Testing, Oil Sands Analysis, Rock Properties, Reservoir Characterization, Lubricant Testing, Air Quality Monitoring, Forensic Chemistry, Ultra-Trace and Toxicology, Food Testing, and Agricultural Analysis. For more information, please visit, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel

To connect industries, communities and stakeholders together through science; inspiring investment and change for tomorrow’s future.

AGAT Foundation formation was a natural progression of AGAT laboratories historical and ongoing participation in charitable endeavors since inception in 1979. Our purpose is to unite people who share a common direction in building, creating and healing through both science and scientific technologies aiding in the betterment of society. We are committed to bridging the gap between industry, communities and different disciplines of science.

The focus of the AGAT Foundation (the “Foundation”) is to ensure constant support of our communities and the people within them. It is our belief that we each have a gift to share with the world, and it is our duty to use our gifts to do good.

In line with our heritage, every year we are reminded of the lessons taught to us through the flying V formation of the Canadian Geese. Flying together in formation they are able to travel longer distances in shorter time spans, creating an “up-lift”. We have learned directly that when people work together, with a common direction and values, we can reach our goals. The creation of the Foundation ensures that we help support the goals of charitable organizations and individuals in need, by partnering together. Our aim to support our society is more than just a promise, it is an ongoing action.

The efforts and focus put forth through the Foundation are centered on our Mission, guiding principles, the pillars of our Foundation.


These guiding principles tie into the Foundations own pillars that uphold our values.
These three pillars exemplify our commitment and objectives.


The Foundation focuses on
re-investment of funds back into local community organizations. Areas of interest in this pillar include programs, scholarships and support for both community and employee support needs.


The Foundation is committed to working together with industry, institutions, government the public sector to advance research & development in the area of health care and life sciences. A focus will be made on enhancing access to lifesaving support and state of the art medicine for all communities.


The Foundation aims to support various other charitable purposes with a key focus on organizations tied to relief of poverty, advancement of education, promotion of health and the environment, children and youth social prevention programs, and animal welfare.

bridging the gap

In order to accomplish the principles and objectives created by the Foundation, we look to building relationships and collaborations with other organizations throughout the industries we support. Our hope is to inspire individuals and businesses to take part in our initiatives by sharing their expertise and knowledge to build a better tomorrow. The Foundation will provide a platform that, through science, will connect the world to solutions that drive change. We will unite people who share a common direction in building, creating and healing.

To date the Foundation has been an active supporter of numerous charitable organizations, such as The Salvation Army and AARCS. It has also been a significant participant in supporting local community projects and programs such as: an Opioid Awareness Programs with the Calgary Police Service and Calgary Board of Education; The Man Van – Prostate Cancer Awareness and Testing, Investment into new equipment for the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Artificial Intelligence & Personalized Medicine initiatives through the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and the University of Calgary; and support for Vascular Medicine through Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. In addition to initiatives here within Canada, the Foundation has also taken part in support for projects abroad such as the building of a testing laboratory for Canadian Blood services in Guatemala. 

For additional information on our initiatives, please click here.

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