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This initiative brings together AHS Doctors from the PCC, Chumir Health Centre, City of Calgary Police, and Calgary Schools and Teachers.  The team has developed a youth program to encourage scientific literacy with junior high students through tours of our labs and presentations aimed at educating students and parents about the dangers of Opioids and substance abuse.


Fentanyl related deaths in Alberta have exploded in recent years and have quickly become a major health crisis, especially for youth. While fentanyl has made headlines, currently there are limited resources available to educate students on both the medical applications and risks when abused as a recreational drug. This presentation is delivered by a doctor, police detective and clinical professor who will provide the medical background and hard facts on fentanyl. They will share first hand experiences of fentanyl use and abuse that they have witnessed in their professional fields. They will provide resources available to support teachers in informing students on the dangers of fentanyl and how to help those with addiction.


  • Junior High science focused lab tours at AGAT’s Environmental, Lubricants, Oil & Gas and Forensics laboratories in NE Calgary.

  • Students collect samples and send to AGAT for testing.

  • Students travel to labs for a tour of the facilities.

  • AGAT Education Theater presentations on drugs of abuse analysis and inform the students about the risks.
AGAT Labs looks forward to continuing these tours once this pandemic is behind us.

This video is similar to the video above except we have edited out the section with Dr. Monty Ghosh. Dr. Ghosh goes into the brain science of the different levels of stimulation that occur with different types of opioids.

This is the version that will be played in classrooms with younger children.

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